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the pacifier has GOT to go (…i think?)


This is Bobby.

He’s Bella’s BFF, and if we lose him, we’re toast.  We have no idea why he’s named Bobby.  She just started calling him that, so we went with it.

I probably shouldn’t be OVERLY worried, since Bella won’t be 2 until March, but I have to admit it’s kind of embarrassing to walk around with Bobby plugging her up, especially since she talks so much, people think she’s older than what she is.

Hubby says it makes her happy and don’t worry about it.  However, I really don’t want all the beautiful pics from her childhood to have Bobby in them!

As you can see here…

And here…

And here…

And — ok you get the point!

So yesterday, I took a stance.  Bobby will only be used at nap/bedtime now.  She’s been asking for him, and I keep telling her, he’s in her bed, waiting for her to go to sleep.  I feel pseudo-bad telling this fib, knowing good and well I’ve got an emergency one hidden on me, but so far, no major meltdowns.  This is Day 2…stay tuned.