a little about Tiffany
…spent nearly 10 yrs in Los Angeles, but moved back to Tennessee where I grew up — still a big city girl at heart
…totally in love w/ my husband and best friend (cliche? so what)
…loves travel, but will just have to dream about it until I can do it again
…thinks living w/ a toddler is pretty incredible
…loves speaking French for no good reason at all
…recently discovered there are absolutely no good pics of me by myself since I had Bella

the hubby, Patrick
…has the best sense of humor in the world and makes me laugh til my abs hurt pretty much everyday
…ridiculous (strike that…reDONKulous) Steelers fan…seriously, it’s almost out of control
…used to spend all his money in bars
…now spends all his money on bibs and baby stuff
…will probably start crying if you ask him how much he loves his family

our little Bella
….all I can say is we love her to pieces
….and she’s going to be a “big seees-ter” early next Spring  :)

and, of course, Mattie
…has no concept of the word “quiet”
…never met a scrap of food she didn’t like

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  1. I love this family page cuz. You’re wife is beautiful &u bella I just want too hold her and kiss her all day long. And you’re cute family dog matie. You’re doing good cuz, love ya.

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