Valentine’s day means jewelry!


Happy Valentine’s Day!  Of course, we show lots of love to each other everyday of the year, but I think it’s great to have a day, albeit commercial, to do some extra special lovey things!

For the past few weeks, Bella has been asking her daddy for jewelry.  Don’t ask me how she got this idea in her head…(hehe), but she asks about everyday.  So for Valentine’s Day, Patrick came home w/ a special surprise for Bella.

A tiara, earrings, a heart ring, and a necklace…

It’s funny, somehow I thought I’d be the one helping Bella put on her first pair of earrings.  But we tend to do some things in an unconventional manner around here, so I suppose I’m not surprised.

And she’s got on her heart leggings to match!

I think Patrick was even more excited than Bella.  :)

All accessorized and ready to get back to work!

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