new year’s eve: pregnancy edition


Happy New Year!!  I can’t even describe how much I’m looking forward to 2012.  Much is on the horizon for us, but I also find myself invigorated by the possibilities of the unknown as well.

Before we put Bella to sleep for the last time in 2011, we went over some of her goals for 2012, including…learn more vocabulary words, go to school, make new friends, and just have as much fun as possible.  Never too young to set goals!

8:30 PM – Last family pic of 2011 before Bella’s bedtime

9:00 PM – Poppin’ bottles!!  Ahem, bottles of sparkling apple cider, that is.  We also had one of our favorite treats…brie with fig jam on a French baguette.  It really is crack so we only pull it out on special occasions.  By the way, I’ve found that Bella’s little spoons are the perfect size for serving appetizers!

9:10 PM – It looks like real champagne doesn’t it?  As you can see, we dressed in our finest for this highly-anticipated celebration.

9:23 PM – My husband the entertainer…never fails to make me laugh.

Approximately ummmm….somewhere between 10:35 PM and 11:55 PM…I can only assume.

Hey, don’t judge, I’m pregnant!!  I tried my best, but I did manage to wake back up by 11:55 PM to watch the ball drop.  :)


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