if I want to see my husband on sundays…


Patrick’s favorite thing in life, with the exception of his family, is football.  Specifically, the Steelers.  In fact, it’s a good thing we’re not having a boy because I’m pretty sure he’d want to name him Steeler.

I’m completely serious.

As you can see, he’s had Bella in Steeler gear since the very beginning…

So during football season, we’ve all learned to make a lot of compromises.  Patrick doesn’t watch nearly as much football as he did as a single man.  And if we want some quality family time on Sundays, we head to Patrick’s mecca: Buffalo Wild Wings.

Bella had on her Steelers t-shirt, but in true game-time fashion, she decided she couldn’t leave the house without her fairy princess costume on top.


Such joy on my hubbie’s face.  Bella seems to have lost her enthusiasm.

Thank God for wifi.

And just to prove I was there…

This is my game face.  Pun intended.  Counting down the days until football season is O-V-E-R.


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